Free Kite lessons you say?


kitelandresortFree Kiteboarding Lessons. You know you’ve wanted to try it. Well, here’s your chance!
For a limited time, the US Kiteboarder Association and Kiteland Resort are joining forces to to provide FREE kiteboarding lessons to the first 200 people to reserve lessons at Kiteland’s kite school. Saving you $500 – $1,000!

WHEN: Free lessons are available from October 1, 2014 through February 1, 2015. (Reserve your spot beginning Aprl 15, 2014).

WHERE: Subtropical South Padre Island (SPI), TX – Voted by kiteboarders as the best place in the USA to learn.

WHO: You, if you are quick enough to be one of the first 200 people to sign up.

ACCOMMODATIONS: You must be a guest at 1 of these 3 approved hotels: The Hilton ($75 room rate), La Quinta Inn ($59 room rate), or La Copa ($49 room rate).

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: All lessons are FREE during your entire stay at one of the 3 approved hotels.  Kiteboarding equipment rental is $39 per day (a requirement for lessons). All students must be a member of the US Kiteboarder Association ($49 per year).

ABOUT LESSONS: All lessons are taught by an IKO or PASA certified kiteboarding instructor.  Your equipment rental includes: kite, control bar, harness, board, life jacket, helmet, and helmet radio  Your lessons will progress at your own pace.  A supervised practice area is provided for practice between lessons. Non-wind day activities  and evening “Chalk Talks” with the instructor are included in your daily equipment rental fee.

RESERVATIONS: All FREE kiteboarding lessons are reserved in packages of either 3 days, 4 days, or 7 days.  All 7 day packages begin on Sunday or Thursday (Sunday – Saturday or Thursday – Wednesday), all 4 day packages begin on Sunday (Sunday – Wednesday), and all 3 day packages begin on Thursday (Thursday – Saturday).  You can add packages together for stays longer than 7 days. These 3,4, and 7 day reservation packages are just for your lessons at the kiteboarding school.  Your hotel reservations can extend before and after your kiteboarding school reservations.

HOW: Just follow theses 4 easy steps: 1) Check kite school availability, 2) Decide on your hotel, 3) Reserve your hotel room, and 4) Reserve your kite school spot (you must have hotel room reservations for at least the same dates as your kite school lessons).

Step 1) Check Kite School Availability HERE