Spring 2019

Thought I would update you all about the 2019 camping season at Lake McConaughy.  There will be some changes on how we do our towing and rental business.

Water levels are already high at 87% capacity.  We still have not received our normal run off from Colorado so it looks like we will not have any beach until they start releasing water some time after the 4th of July.  (All subject to change).  That being the case we will not have beach to be able to pull campers on to start the season.

RV Storage Customers:   As you know, normally we would pull you down before you arrive and set up. However, this year we will not be able to pull you down early until we get some usable beach.  It will be up to each customer that stores with us to come out to the lake and pick a spot for your camper or reserve a spot at one of the modern camp grounds such as Lone Eagle or Little Thunder.  The park will not allow us to pull to either of the modern camp grounds without you being there to occupy the site.  Our towing rates will stay the same as last year except there will be a $20 full-service fee for tows off our lot for water and sewer dump.

RV Rental Customers:  This season we will not be pulling the rentals out early.  You will be required to be here the day of your rental and pick a spot where you would like your rental camper parked. If you are wanting to park in either of the modern campgrounds, we would highly recommend you make a reservation thru the Nebraska State Parks web site.

Towing Hours:  Hours for towing this season will be Sunday thru Thursday 9am -6pm,  Friday 9am-8pm,  and Saturday 9am-noon.  That being the case, if you are scheduled to arrive Friday,  in order for us to be able to tow you off our storage lot or place a rental camper you will need to arrive during the towing hours of the day of your arrival to be able to pick a spot for your RV.

We are sorry if this inconveniences your lake time but we are not able to control the weather or water levels. As soon as there is enough beach to work with, we will go back to normal operating practices. Please check out the following website for lake levels and lake changes coming: https://ilovelakemac.com/


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Note: We will be offering kite equipment at our customers request. We will not carry a large inventory but can usually get the equipment drop shipped directly to you within 7-10 biz days.



The Kite Ranch is Colorado and Nebraska’s premier kiteboarding shop gear, equipment, and we will accommodate facilitation of lessons for special circumstances. Located on the north shores of Lake McConaughy, about 9 miles north of Ogallala, Nebraska. Kiting is a pure adrenaline rush, but without proper instruction you risk injuring yourself, other kiters and tearing up your expensive gear and equipment. So, never kite alone or without proper instruction!  “It’s a path to the dark side when beginners try to teach themselves. Ignorance leads to frustration, frustration leads to apathy and apathy leads to windsurfing” Sandrine Roussos – CEO International Kiteboarding Organization. We pride ourselves customer service and we will teach you how to kite in a safe, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.


We know many travel hundreds of miles for the fluffy white sand of Lake Mac… however it’s not as enjoyable if it’s in your tent! If your are interested in making your stay even more comfortable on the beach, please visit our rental site, TKR Camper Rentals to view our selection of beach camper rentals!  Just click here!



Why burn your dollars in wind resistance and miles, when you can eliminate your towing hassle by storing it at our affordable Kite Ranch RV Storage!? Gas savings alone will pay for your storage. The facility is conveniently located minutes from the water’s edge,  just across the street from the Arthur Bay entrance.




Because we are Kiter’s just like you. The Kite Ranch is fueled by our passion for kiting and it’s our mission to expose as many people as possible to the sport of kiteboarding in a controlled and safe environment. That’s why our instructor to student ratio is kept low so we can focus on you and your learning curve. It is our mission to provide a safe and fun learning environment for each of our clients and we only use new equipment when providing lessons to ensure you enjoy your experience. Not only do you get the latest safety features using Ozone and Ocean Rodeo equipment, but you get to use state of the art kites, boards and accessories.

At The Kite Ranch we pride ourselves on providing world class customer service and put your kiting needs first! Regardless of experience level and kiting needs, we have the expertise and knowledge to keep you flying. The Kite Ranch is your full service kiteboarding destination for vacation kiteboarding lessons in amazing locations, kiteboarding equipment and kiteboarding parts and accessories!

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BIG – windy – sandy beaches – warm air – clear water The recent surge in kiteboarding has found its way  to Padre. Our big bay, surrounded by sandy unpopulated beach’s makes for an ideal place to learn or play. There are no crowds to worry about and with a steady side shore wind you have the perfect kiteboarding conditions. We have everything you need for a great kiteboarding vacation.” source – Windsurf Inc at Padre Island. These exciting trips during the fall,  through late spring each year. Go to the Adventures tab for the latest details!